Civil War Shoes and Brogans Sutler


Civil War Shoes and Boots

How should I choose my boot size?

The "Economy" boots that we offer have a slightly different sizing method than our shoes.

When ordering our "Economy" boots, please order your true shoe size.
Conditions that would change this would be Narrow feet (Regular width is D),
Wide feet, High instep, Large leg calf, etc.

We keep most sizes in D width in stock at all times.
Other widths, lengths, large calf, etc will be made to order
for each customer.

Under ordinary circumstances, these boots should (and usually do) fit nicely. Our boots run a little long , so there may be extra toe room.
The "fit" in a boot is right over the arch of the foot, with slight extra room at the heel.
If you have been difficult to fit in the past, or are unsure,
the best method for ordering is to use our dynamic measurement chart- Boot Measurement Chart

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