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Patriotic Clocks
by Ingraham and Welch

Around 1900 two clock companies created lines of clocks to commemorate our participation in the Spanish American War showing individual military leaders.
All of these are pressed wood as was common at that time.

Ingraham clock company made six different patriotic clocks in their Army-Navy line, depicting Admiral Dewey, Gen Fitzhugh Lee, The Battleship Maine, President McKinley, and two others with Symbols, one with a Dove called "Peace" and one with patriotic flags at the top called "Emblem". All of these have patriotic pressed wood frames, patriotic glass fronts and pendulums showing Cannons, Guns, and other military themes.
The Ingraham clocks had basically the same case and front glass, with a round pressed wood emblem at the top depicting the subject.

Ingraham also made a series of clocks called their National Line with such things as the Capitol Building and Mt Vernon, as well as a few different "symbols. These clocks were titled Peerless (a Lion Rampant), Capitol (Capitol Dome),
Mt Vernon (House), Banner (Round Emblem), Freedom (Old Oaken Bucket), and Union (Doves around a Bird Bath). If your clock has a label on the back, the title should be shown here. These did not have a Spanish American War theme.

E N Welch clock company made a set of clocks with all pressed wood designs showing guns, cannons, ships, etc. with the subject shown in pressed wood at the top of the clock.
These depicted Admiral Dewey, Battleship Maine, General Wheeler, Theodore Roosevelt (Actually General Fitzhugh Lee), Admiral Sampson, Admiral Schley and General Lee.

Each of the Welch clocks has a different front glass (called the Tablet) unique to each person shown on the clock.

We are interested in Purchasing any of these for our collection.
All clocks in the above series' are wanted
Please consider us. We will pay cash, or trade for merchandise.

Please Note, I am a collector and not an appraisal service. After the last rude person e-mailed me, I have decided that I can no longer assess the value of peoples clocks. Bear in mind that Appraisers charge for their service. Values may be lower now than they were a few years ago.
I am still willing to pay a premium for clocks that we do not have and I really want to hear from you.

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