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Stars and Bars Line


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In the year 2003, the author was in-capacitated after he fell on icy pavement and fractured his right hip. Now he not only had an artificial hip joint but it shared the stage with two knee joints that came along about the same time. Being confined to the cabin he was hard up for something useful to occupy his time. For some time his wife Margaret, along with two sons, David and Robert, urged him to open up about World War II and put his stories in print. Son Robert sent a hand-me-down computer and his brother David cleaned off all the old data and made it ready for war.

You will find out about his experiences while following General McArthur through the Pacific in World War II as an amphibious soldier, however, that was only the beginning of his career as an author. Writing about the war years brought back to mind other instances in life that had an aire of excitement about them, so he continued to write using his biography as the target. He is presently a bit over 92 years old and still finds time to sit at the key board a few hours each day adding a page or two to the twenty volumes that now occupy “Ole Dad’s Shelf” of Books

Writing the books was not the end of the story as with the help of his wife Margaret, who was a book binder by trade, they self published over a thousand copies of his writings. A Xerox Work Center printer, that was a gift from a friend of the family, has served as the brawn of the print shop. They now have worn out three computers, the Xerox is backed up by a Canon and an Epson printer and two binding machines, a Comb Binder and the latest addition is a Fellowes Thermal Binder.
Norris M. Archer, the author replied, when ask about the self publishing aspect of the book business, “I started out in life as a Blacksmith and never thought I’d end up as a printer”.

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