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A compendium of books written and published by the author

Norris Archer

Norris' books are illustrated with photos hand picked by him. Included are actual personal photos, photo post cards, newspaper articles and photos taken by others including contemporary pictures taken by Norris' own mother.


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“Where are you Going, Soldier”
Book #1

This story encompassed three years away from home as a soldier during World War II. About 20 copies were printed off, had them spiral bound and made them available to members of the author’s old army unit the 52nd Combat Engineer Battalion Company ‘C’. Several notables that were associates of my son David requested a copy of this book and voluntarily submitted their letters praising the book and saying many things a new author likes to hear.
That was only a beginning as now my appetite was whetted and work was started on my ‘Auto-biography’. Near the end of the book are stories about the Battle Ships of World War II, the Liberty Ships, Landing Craft and the dropping of the Atomic Bomb...$25.00

Little Boy Blew
Book 12

This story has been told previously in the books, ‘WHERE ARE YOU GOING, SOLDIER’ and “THE HOOSIER FLY BOY’ however, this copy has had pictures added, larger font and easy to read in a short period of time.
A little different approach to the Atomic bomb dropped on Japan. It is an excellent tool for educating children as to the events associated with the dropping of the atomic bombs ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ .....$15.00

“My Favorite Ships & Boats of WW II”
Book #13

This book is dedicated to my son, Navy Captain Robert W Archer, a decorated Mustang officer who served his country for 38 years as a nuclear submariner.
He is honored to rest in Arlington Cemetary.

During World War II, I was outside the country for nearly 18 months, most of it was aboard ship as I was part of an amphibious unit of Army Engineers. I was fascinated with Ships of all types and sailed throughout the South and Western Pacific Oceans on troop carriers. Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines and Landing Boats were part of my world.
The Cruiser USS Indianapolis was my hero of the Pacific War. The book includes 25 picture pages of many of my favorite Ships and boats.....$25.00

“Landing Ships and Boats”
Book #16

Many of the high ranking leaders of World War II have said that the Higgins Landing Craft, the LST’s and other similar amphibious creations, that could land troops and their equipment on an open beach and go back and pick them up if necessary, may have won the war. After being defeated in a landing attempt on the coast of France in the early days of the war, Sir Winston Churchill approached the United States with his plea to build such craft. Having had that experience, and it is one that still lives in my memory, I want to share it with the world of enthusiastic readers of WW II books. Landings similar to the ones pictured in this small book were common place through-out the Pacific and most other parts of the world where invasions were taking place....$15.00


“The Hoosier Fly Boy”
Book #11

As a boy I was fascinated with the idea of flying and things that flew. It went from balloons to kites to model airplanes, then there were my hero pilots and their planes. World War 2 brought a whole new fleet of war birds and I included the ones that touched my life. Then I started pilot training and that led to telling about some of my follies and experiences as a pilot. Jet engines and rockets saw adventures into space and man walked on the moon. Toward the end of the book I found myself as an executive at the Indianapolis Airport; later on I was associated with the Confederate Air Force that was headquartered at Harlingen Texas. Pictures of many of the planes now retired are included.....$25.00

Price List for Books

Book #1, "Where Are You Going, Soldier"... $25.00
Book #2, "What Has Happened to My World"... $29.00
Book #3, "No Strings Attached"... Out
Book #4, "Retirement and then Some"... $25.00
Book #5, "Margaret's Side of the Story"... Out
Book #6, "I Knew Louise"... Out
Book #7, "Chief Belzer's Camp Chank-tun-un-gi"... $25.00
Book #8, "When the Robin Sings"... $29.00
Book #9, "My Scrap Book of Short Stories"25.00
Book #10, "Ancestors & Descendants of N. M. Archer"... $29.00
Book #11, "The Hoosier Fly Boy" $25.00
Book #12, "The Day Little Boy Blew" $15.00
Book #13, "My Favorite Ships and Boats of WW II"...$25.00
Book #14, "The House on Franklin Road" $15.00
Book #15, "The Ben Davis Centennial" $29.00
Book #16, "Landing Boats and Ships" $15.00
Book #17, "The Ben Davis Monument" $15.00
Book #18, "The History of the BSA" $25.00
Book #19, "The Inaugural Indy Honor Flight" $17.50
Book #20, "Ole Dad's Book of Poems" $20.00
Book #21, "Ole Dad's Poems" $15.00


To Order Books:
Email the Author at n.marcher@att.net
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Or: Mail Check and Mailing address to:
"Ole Dads Shelf of Books"
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