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Civil War Bayonets

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Bayonet Fitting Notes for Euroarms

There is a slight issue with Euroarms muskets. The Manufacturer makes the barrel larger in diameter away from the muzzle (Opposite of what it is supposed to be). So that the bayonets will go on 1/2 way, then stop.
If you turn the bayonet over and put it on backwards, it will also slide down to an extent then hang up.
The solution is to use a round file or dremel tool, and relieve the inside of the bayonet socket for the lower 1/2 of the socket so that it will be wide enough to slide onto the barrel.
We do not apologize for this, as we have contacted Euroarms more than once, and they do not seem to interested in the situation.
Even the good quality Italian bayonets have this problem with Euroarms. Presently (as of January 2010), this is not happening on all Euroarms muskets. If a bayonet is ordered at the same time as a musket, we will try to find the best fitting bayonet that we have in stock. Some fitting may still be required.

While this is not a terrible problem, and just about everyone has been able to deal with it, this needs to be explained.

I will try to add a diagram, etc, as soon as possible. This is a fairly well known condition, so not too many folks will need a drawing.

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