Civil War Revolvers and Rifles
Warranty Information

This information covers all weapons aquired by us from Taylor's & Company. This includes all R & D Conversion Cylinders, Rifles and Muskets made by Armi Sport, and most of our line of Pietta and Uberti Revolvers and Rifles. A warranty as spelled out below is in effect for any weapon sold by Fall Creek Corporation that has come from Taylor's & Company.

Taylors handles all of the warranty work at their location. Fall Creek Corporation, as your dealer will be happy to assist you in all warranty dealings with the Distributor on all qualified weapons.
(We have not had any un-settled disputes in over 20 years of dealing with them)

There are No Refunds on any Weapon or Cylinder that has been Fired.
Repair or Replacement is available as per below.

With R & D Conversion Cylinders, all reasonable care has been taken to produce these Conversion Cylinders to match the factory specifications of the brand of revolver the Conversion Cylinder is made to fit. At times there are manufacturer variations, as well as variations with individual revolvers, that will require a custom fitting of the Conversion Cylinder to the revolver frame. Taylor's & Company offers help in this area at reduced or no charge to the original R & D Conversion Cylinder customer if within the time frame specified below. Any and all issues regarding R & D Conversion Cylinders will be handled by Taylor's & Company. The cylinder and revolver must be sent to Taylor's & Company (seperated, but in the same box- Cylinder not installed in the revolver) for evaluation. This includes firing issues, fit, or malfunction. Returning the items to Fall Creek will delay this process as we will need to turn around and send them to Taylor's.

Please contact Fall Creek Corporation first. Small issue pertaining to musket parts, etc can be handled by our staff.

Product Warranty
Please read the information below for warranty policies and purchase information.

Firearm Purchase Information
We are offering you the following details to explain our policy on firearm purchases. Before you fire your gun you should always: READ YOUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL so you can fire and maintain your gun properly.

Quality Control
All products which are sold by Taylor's & Co., Inc. have been inspected by our quality control personnel. We check the function of the firearm as well as exterior fit and finish to insure the products are ready for our customers. Of course we do not test fire the products as they have been tested, exceeding recommended charges, at the proof house in Italy.

Our products offer a manufacturer's warranty for defects caused by the factory production for the period of one year from the date of the original ownership of the firearm. A copy of your original sales receipt should be included with your return parcel. Warranty coverage is determined by our gunsmith's review of the product. Taylor's & Co.'s will make the decision to repair or replace any warranty coverage. All products must be in 'new condition' to be covered under this warranty. The gun must have been cared for and handled properly, factory ammunition used of the proper caliber and all instructions followed in order to be eligible for coverage by manufacturer's warranty.

For warranty assessment it is the consumers responsibility to return the gun to Taylor's & Co. paying all freight expenses with insurance on the firearm. If the warranty covers the 'defect' then Taylor's & Co. will assume all freight charges to return the gun to the consumer. If it is determined it is not a warranty covered defect, the consumer will be responsible for return freight charges as well as any repair expenses, if they have been authorized by the consumer.

When returning a firearm the parcel should be packed in the same manner which you received it. An individual firearm box cannot be used as a shipping container, it must be put inside an exterior carton.

A note must be included with your return describing the reason for the return. Explain the problem you experienced, including details of the ammunition you are using. Your name, address, daytime telephone number and e-mail address (if available) must be included so we an contact you regarding your return, if necessary. If any shipping damages occur when returning a gun to Taylor's & Co. is the responsibility of the shipper.

Special Finish Warranty
Items with special finishes such as nickel and charcoal blue are not covered under the manufacturer's defect warranty. These are delicate finishes and require special attention by the shooter. Be sure to read the instructions on the lubricants you use to insure safe use so your firearm surface is not damaged.

Return Policy
Should you receive an item which you wish to return, provided there is no damage or incorrect shipment; a 15% restocking fee will apply. We will not refund any freight charges. These returns will only be accepted within 15 days from the original order date and must be in new condition and unfired to qualify for refund. If product is received that is not in this condition it will not be accepted for refund.

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