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Unsolicited Letter from a Satisfied Customer

Not sure how often you get letters like this from your customers but here goes....

Dear Fall Creek,
I wanted to personally write and thank you (and your staff) for your assistance with my order of the R & D cylinder conversion and spare cylinder.

Not only did it work as you said, but this is by far a more superior product than the (Other Brand) units. I knew immediately after unpacking and looking at the tooling on the back of the cylinder cap that I was going to have a working unit. Unlike the (Other Brand), the tooling to engage and rotate the cylinder on the R & D Conversion cylinder is identical to the tooling found on the original black powder cylinder that came with the 1858 Uberti pistol.

So the real test is on the firing range.

I had just purchased a new Uberti 1873 Cattleman with a 7 1/2 " barrel and also had the Uberti 1858 Remmington Army with the conversion in a side by side test at the range. I was able to hold a tighter pattern on the 1858 with the R & D conversion. Go figure.

So needless to say I am now very happy with the purchase !!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. Your product solution, verses that of the (Other Brand), took this conversion issue I had with the (Other Brand) from a disaster to a working unit with the R & D.

I see other pistols on your web site I would like to purchase, so you will be receiving more orders from me in the near future. I will make recommendations to my friends out at the ranch I will be at in Colorado next week about your business too. I am sure once they see how cool this set up is and they get a chance to fire the pistol themselves they will want one of their own too.

At the range, I had several individuals asking to see this pistol configuration. They were duly impressed !!!

The one thing that should be pointed out is that the R & D Conversion Cylinder is truly a drop in unit, no modifications required. The R & D product worked out of the box just as you said and that is what won me over as an appreciating customer.

Thanks again,

M Roth

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