Fitting your Civil War Revolver into your New Holster

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Fitting Your Revolver to Your holster

Our standard military holster is almost an exact copy of two holsters that have been in our collection.
The difference is that the originals were made of relatively thin leather compared to what we use.
When folks are actually buying their gear instead of having it "issued", they would like to have more durable equipment.

When new, our military holsters are fairly stiff and need to have your revolver to "adjust" them
This holster is made for the standard large frame 1860 Colt Army and 1858 Remington New Army models
All smaller frame revolvers such as the Colt 1851 navy will also fit.

Extra Large frame revolvers such as many cartridge weapons, LeMat, Colt Walker, Colt Dragoon, etc will not fit these holsters.

The holster will appear fairly narrow at first, but will readily accomodate your revolver with some initial help.


Remember, these are not cheap foreign made holsters and will last for years

Insert the barrel of your revolver into the holster and apply whatever pressure is necessary to get the barrel down into the socket. Sometimes it requires placing the end of the holster on a solid surface, and pushing down with the revolver until it seats itself.



Once your revolver is seated "home" leave it there for a day or so to allow the leather to relax around your revolver for a "custom fit"

At NO TIME should you apply water to the leather to allow it to stretch or fit easier. The results will be undesireable.

The more times that you use the holster with your revolver, the better the fit, just like a good shoe breaking in.
Once broken in, you can apply saddle soap or other leather dressing (never Mink Oil) to keep the leather supple.


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