Civil War Firearms

Ramrod Notes

Please Note-
The ramrods currently supplied by Euroarms and Armi Sport are of Two Piece Construction .
The swelled end on Springfields as well as the machined end on the Enfield ramrods are made seperately, then press fit onto the shaft of the ramrod.

Under any sort of stress condition, these ends may come loose, and even fall off. Special care should be taken to not allow any stress, tension or bends to occur toward the end of the ramrods. This includes using them for cleaning the musket, catching the ramrod end on something while in the musket, or using the ramrods for stacking of arms.
This includes Ramrods for the 1842 reproduction musket.


For cleaning we recommend our musket cleaning kit, which includes a four section rod as well as a patch jag, swabs and one bronze brush.

The actual ramrod can be used for light patch cleaning or oiling , and maybe in a emergency stiuation in the field.

Many well meaning shooters have used their ramrod for cleaning, only to discover the tip coming off, leaving either the bare rod in the bore with an attachment on the end, or (worse yet) the end of an Enfield ramrod stuck in the breach of their musket. Both conditions require a competent gunsmith or similar person to correct the situation.

We hope this never happens to your ramrod, however, we at Fall Creek want you to be aware of the situation. Both manufacturers are aware, but apparently their vendor can not change the manufacturing process.
Please note that these are made this way, and a replacement ramrod sold by us, or an original equipment ramrod can be returned to us at the customers expense, and we will either help with repair or replacement.
Please feel free to contact either Armi Sport or Euroarms with your feedback (we sure have).


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