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Besides the day to day business, shipping, and problem solving, Once in a while we get a note from one of our customers. I have printed a few below.

......Thanks for your help regarding this matter.
By the way, I have spent many hours searching other sutler sites on the net, and yours is the finest that I have seen yet. If your wares are as authentic and of as good a quality as they look on your site, then I won't have any reason to ever take my business elsewhere!
Your obedient servant,
Pvt. Chad Fuller
Co.F 2nd Rhode Island, U.S.V

To Whom It May Concern:
My order arrived and everything was perfect!!! Thank You.
I will be doing more business with you again.
Thank You
Mike Corso

Thank you Fall Creek! I have always got all my civil
war needs from you, and just wanted to thank you for
running a great sutler tent. Would you happen to have
a list of events you will be at this year? If so that would be great!
Thanks again,

Dear Fall Creek,
I recently bought a pair of economy stove pipe boots, size 13. I would like to thank you for sending them so quick. I am satisfied with the quality and service. I would like to thank Tabitha for processing the order so quick. I plan to buy a small wall tent in the future from your store. Thank you once again.
Andre Wagner

Andy, I'd appreciate it if you would make sure Theresa gets a copy of our 2003 events season. She is a credit to your establishment. During my last visit, she was (as always) very professional in helping outfit Jim Ward (the star of the play "Billy Yank's Diary") in the Union uniform, and providing very sound advice as to the proper fitting of that uniform. It is a pleasure doing business with Fall Creek Suttlery!
We in the 5th Ohio Light Artillery hope to see you at some of the events we attend this year.
As always, I shall continue to steer business to you reputable establishment as I have in the past.
Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant;
Thomas D. Porter, 1st. Sgt.
5th Ohio Light Artillery, Ltd.

I want to personally thank you for yours and Fall Creek's assistance in outfitting myself, my brother and my father-in-law for my wedding last June... everything looked great!!
Thanks, again... now that I have joined a reenactment organization, you will likely hear from me from time to time...
Take care,
Charles J. Bagneski
Pvt, Co. E, 2nd Wis Vol Rgt

Just thought I would drop you a line regarding one of your drums. We bought our son's drum from you about 4 years ago, and it will make its screen debut in Gods and Generals. There is a scene with a drum rolling down the hill by itself. That is my son's drum.
I just got verification from someone that saw the film at a preview showing.
Sandra Young

Dear Andy,
I have received my shirt to-day. Thank you for your time and help. I greatly appreciate your service, as I have said many times, you are the best sutler out there!
Joel Phipps

Andy, What a great job on the new website! No wonder you are still working on it. My hat is off to you sir!
Cpl. Keith Harvey, 6th OVI

I am a Civil War re-enactor. I just placed my third order with you folks. I spent a lot of time searching the Internet for a good selection, easy to use site, good prices and good service. You have all of that. I have been very satisfied with everything I have purchased from you. In this day and age where it is fashionable to complain about things, I thought I would drop you a line and let you know you folks are doing things right.
Sincerely, Tim Keennon

Just wanted to say I LOVE your new on-line catalog! It is much better than before.
Also, are you going to be at the Indy Show this year? Whether or not you are going to be there, what are the dates for the show?
A satisfied Customer,
Jim Forcum


Hi Theresa,
Order got here yesterday pm. In perfect shape.
Thanks. If you have a e-mail newsletter please add us to it.
Looking to be able to get the conversion cylinder this summer.
Thanks, again. V/R
John G

Now that the hustle and bustle of the Lincoln's Last Hours production is over, and some normalcy is being restored (?), I wanted to take some time to thank you and your staff for the great service. I, at the last minute, decided I needed some authentic looks, and you accommodated me very, very well. Many thanks to Theresa who tried to reach me by phone when I was running around crazily. To package and send overnight takes special effort and I applaud you.

Your vests and sack jackets were magnificent, and lended great feeling to the costumes. All the accessories were also great. I look forward to visiting you when spring and summer arrives, and perhaps, adding more to our costume closet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Linda Rinehart

My items received from you are of the highest quality, and I am quite satisfied with everything I received.
Thank you,
Paul Nicca

Hi! I ordered a large wall tent from you - online on Monday evening - got it on Friday! Wow, very good turnaround time and a great tent. Used it this weekend at an event and got many compliments. We spread the name "Fall Creek" around. My only "regret" is that I didn't get a catalog. Boo Hoo - I'd love to have one and am strongly considering ordering another tent for my children.
Sincerely Donna Myhand 

Dear Fall Creek,
We received a 12x10 Wall tent that we purchased from you and I must say that we are VERY pleased with the quality. We put it up and it really wasn't as hard as we had anticipated.
Thank you for your time.
Tamera Serafin

Gentlemen, I am a regular user of one of your 7' tall A tents (for two
years) and have been very happy with it. At Cedar Creek last year I
bought a pair of your Brogans which fit me better than my modern shoes!
AT that time I talked to one of your guys and told him of two corner
straps that tore on my tent. He said to send him my address and he'd get
me two replacements. I'd also like to get one of your new catalogs. With
the season almost here, I have two or more new recruits who want to deal
with you. At least five of my unit have the tall A's and we all love
them, and as chaplain of my unit I am going to try to save up for a small
fly to use as a porch for meeting with my men. Thanks for selling such a
great product and I will continue to send you all the business I can .
your servant,
Robert V. Pugh
19th Va. Inf'y
the 'Albemarle Rifles'

I am totally pleased with the conversion cylinder I purchased from you for my Pietta 36 cal Colt 1861 revolver.
Do you have a conversion cylinder for a Richland Arms stainless steel Remington
in 45 cal.?
Diane C. Simpson

Received items today. Very pleased. They are of excellent quality. We will
certainly tell others. Thank you,
All the best, Rob & Brett, QMAS, Brisbane,

Great web site to navigate and use. I just ordered some items and it was a breeze! Keep up the good work!
Your Humble Servant,
G. Bliss

Hi, Last night I ordered a tent & misc. items thru your secure online server. It worked great! No problems whatsoever.
Respectfully, John G. Hall

Ok, Ok, it never fails. Just when I’m getting pissed about not getting my boots, here they are. Thank you all for a really great looking pair of boots. As I may have told you before, the last time I ordered boots, from another company, they never came. After six months, I finally got my money back. SO, please accept my appreciation for a great looking and well-fitting pair of boots (room for my wool socks like I requested). And, as long as they hold up like I am sure they will, I will be directing others your way who want good boots. I am SO SO SO happy to finally have a pair. I know that I was a pest, but I’m also a good word of mouth customer.
Thanks again,
Joe Kelley, Curator
Grand County Historical Association

The items which I ordered from you earlier this month as a gift for my son have been received by him in fine condition. He is absolutely thrilled with it. Thanks for your service.
Jim Claxton
The Pentagon
Washington DC

My order came in today! WOW! great stuff Now I can Shock and Awe! my students in my history class. Your constant emails about keeping me informed and going out of your way to get my order to me in time to perform is greatly appreciated. I will definitely be using your service again and since I'm a history teacher in touch with many reenactors and history buffs I'll pass along a good word to those interested in Civil War items.
Thanks for all your hard work! The Outfit does fit so we got it right the first time! I will let you know how my performance goes and how the students responded to my outfit.
Carl Wetula

Many thanks Andy. I am a fan of your products and will provide all the
1861 advertising my mouth can spout. You will sell more to the 19th
Virginia, cause all the guys feel the same. Thanks for the good customer
respectfully,R.V.Pugh III (Butch)

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I received my leathers last Wednesday, and I'm very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of your work. I have looked around at the leather goods offered by other dealers and wasn't able to find any to my satisfaction. Your work far surpasses all the others that I have seen, from the quality of the leather to the inspectors markings not to mention that your prices are very reasonable for the workmanship. Keep up the good work.
Tim Pritchard

Andy, thank you for your note.
I feel that you are mainly interested in giving authoritative information, then second, selling product.
I will recommend you when my new men ask me to recommend a sutler. I have 7 shell jackets or frock coats,
but I have not recommended their makers (Names Deleted) and have just told the men that there are many sutlers.
I'll start running a note with your web address in my newsletters.
If your web site included some brief writing on the buttons, just like what you put below, I think it would appeal even more to the serious customer.
The Droop Wing CSA buttons-- I'll have to order a frock with those on it-- on which jackets are those appropriate? I'm guessing only officer shells or frocks-- only Eastern theater?
Vernon R. Padgett, Adjutant
California Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Dear sir,
I just received my tent and it looks great. Just in time for our first event.
I appreciate you getting it done in time for me. Thanks again for a great product and great service.
Tom Ledger First Rhode Island LA Bat C

My boots arrived today and am very pleased with
both the quality and fit. Thanks for the fine service
and quick responses to my queries. I will certainly
be doing more business with you in the future.
William Parker, Jr.
King William, VT

Hi Theresa,
The Euroarms Springfield Musket arrived yesterday. Thank you for the
response and tracking number. Being able to see the progress of the order
really eased my concerns. The musket is exactly what we wanted. We are
pleased with the service we received from Fall Creek Suttlery We will be
telling the folks at our next event about the quality of service you
provided. We look forward to working with you again and will be recommending
you to our new recruits.
Best Regards,
Aaron Meyrick

Thanks for replying so quickly with an honest answer.
That's why I love ya'll. Thanks for the advice.
Thanks again,

Dear Staff,
Just a note to let you know that I received my order today (sash & Masonic emblem).
There're perfect. Thanks!!
Steve Aarli

Hello Fall Creek,
The tent we ordered arrived with my family and thanks
for organizing it.
Many thanks . KaY
The Irish History Company
Northside Centre

Congratulations on your improved new web site. It is a joy and pleasure
to navigate.
G great design efforts!
Michael G. Kadlubowski

I have received all of my order, everything fits and looks great. I look forward to purchasing additional products from you in the future. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, H.B. Strickland III

Andy. Wow!!!!!!!what a great pair of boots, perfect fit, I have had boots hand made that didn't feel so comfortable right out of the box, Bravo!!
Thanks again Paul Lopes 7/2/03
Andy, I want to thank you and your company for such great customer service. I have ordered online from Fall Creek several times and I always have a
satisfying transaction. Your people are very courteous and you get things
shipped out reasonably fast.
Furthermore, you have a great selection of product and everything I purchase
comes in A+ shape. Once again, thank you for your service to this hobby.
Michael P. Berger
7th Fla., Co. K
I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to the people of Fall Creek Suttlery I recently purchased a new tent from your company via mail order. I am very satisfied with it so far. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. I ordered it on a Monday and I received it 4 days later on Friday morning. The only complaint I have is that when I ordered my new tent I also ordered the recommended 9 tent stakes to go with it but upon setting up my new tent I discovered after using them all I am still 4 tent stakes short. My new tent has 13 loops not 9 for the tent stakes to go into so it can be secured to the ground properly. I am wondering if it is possible to have the remaining 4 tent stakes sent to me? If not, no big deal I guess, I will just have to wait and purchase them the next time I attend a reenactment that has a sutler present. Please e-mail me with the dollar amount prior to shipping so that I can be sure I have the funds available. Otherwise, Thank you again for the extremely fast delivery of my new tent.
Stanley L. Galownia

I'd like to compliment you on your website as it's definitely the best I've seen. Very easy to navigate though and for a fresh fish like myself, I really find the copy and product illustrations very educational.
Thank You,
John Gilbert
Your web-site is very good. Easy to navigate. Very good looking with high quality pictures but not too graphically intense as to slow down the shopping experience. Somebody has done a good job. Thanks again.
Mark Rohman

Hi! I love your site, I have been searching for quite sometime on google. I just happened to see your site in one of my many searches. Your products are wonderful! Do you sell wholesale? Thank you for your time,
I received the new pair of brogans that I ordered from your co. They are superb they are beyond the best of the best brogans I;vet seen out there. Your co. did a great job and were very good in getting them out to me in a hurry. They fit great but a little stiff, but I think they will soften up while worn. Once again I would like to thank you people for an outstanding job. Just one word comes to mind and that is AWESOME COMPANY AND AN AWESOME PRODUCT WITH AWESOME SERVICE. You will always be highly recommended in my book. I can't say enough, many thanks.
Thomas Sank 9th Virginia co.F infantry.

Hello, I could not be happier with the brogans with double pegging and heel plates. A quality American made product and such a good price . I would recommend you and your products to any one who asks and be proud to tell all.
c. griffin

Dear Andy,
Thank you very much for you quick response to my question. And thank you for giving me a well placed answer, I am sure that this tent will continue to be a great use to my friend and I, and so we thank you and we will definitely spread the word of your great website to are friends and fellow reenactors, and we shall hopefully continue to shop online at your website for any of our reenacting needs. Thank you very much, Your Obedient Servants
Miss Christina and Miss Megan

I just wanted to say Thank you! We received the hoop skirt today.. It's wonderful!! It has helped greatly. Queen Elizabeth's gown is no longer collapsing! Thank you!
Amy Johnson
Costume Shop Manager
PRF Productions

Dear Theresa,
I received my Union Navy lieutenant's coat and pants last week and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. My compliments to the tailor. I will be doing business with Fall Creek again in the future.
Thank you,
Kurt Eberly
Virginia Beach, VA
Dear Sirs:
My BA-02 Enfield Bayonet with scabbard arrived this morning via FedEx Ground.
It's a perfect fit to the 1861 Tower in my collection.
Your product and FedEx Ground delivery exceeded my expectations.
Best regards,
S. Rhode

Theresa , just wanted to send you a short note to Thank you and the tent
shop for their very prompt service in making my bakers tent, my special
thanks for getting the chances made and still delivered here before I needed
it. I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends looking
for tents. We have always had excellent service from your company.
Thank you
Jim Brigdon

I just wanted you to know that the uniform I ordered arrived safely, shortly after the hurricane came through, and the quality is excellent, far better than I expected. The hat fits which, in its self, is a minor miracle. Thank you for your time and service.
JP Lindberg

Just thought I'd let you know that our wall tent is prefect! We followed the pole and rope instructions and set it up in our backyard for a trial run. It took us about 30 minutes to get it all together. (We're new at this.) We're looking forward to many years of re-enacting with this tent. I'm very impressed how well made it is and the price was totally reasonable.
Thanks for your great service and quality items!!
Chris Johnson

Dear Fall Creek,
I am extremely pleased with the way you handled my order and will not hesitate to purchase from you in the future. The replacement "Pietta 1851 US Marshal" arrived and is indeed in superb condition. I'll let you know how it performs soon.
Todd Bowser

I just wanted to drop a quick note to express my thanks for the awesome customer service I received and the quality of your products. I ordered a
uniform from another vendor and was horrified when I opened the box. The supposed authentic Civil War uniform looked like something Sergeant Pepper
would have worn.
I found your web site and called in a rush order. Cassandra worked with me to figure out proper sizing and stock availability. My order arrived the
day she promised and I could not have been more pleased once I opened the box. The quality of the product was superb and thanks to her help, I tried
it on to find it fit perfectly. Thanks again for a great product and superb service.
Bob Rucker

To whom it may concern:
I am new to the reenacting community. I have joined a company that is very specific as to what gear it's members has. I'm sure this is the fact with everyone.
But I didn't want to fall into the ol' "I bought the coolest thing for a hellova lot of money.....damn, it's the wrong thing" category. So I asked a lot of questions,
looked at a lot of pictures and did hours upon hours of online research. I got the uniform chosen, weapon picked out, and accessories picked. Now for the ultimate
test. If I'm going to spend a big chunk of money (at least it's a big enough chunk to me), I want to talk to the people that seemed like they had their act together.
That's why I'm going to Fall Creek.
I was supremely impressed with the website. Like I said...beginner to this. I was able to easily navigate, get most of my questions answered and get the desire to
spend a lot more money than was possible! I have surfed until my eyes hurt looking at product. I do like the fact that your site shows off each and every item.
Nothing is more frustrating to me, than to get all jazzed up, ready to look at some stuff...and just the price shows up; no picture, no explanation, no specs. I was also impressed with the quality of your items. It seems like your product is far higher on the quality scale than most.
I did have some questions lingering, though. I called a few times. I was never put on eternal hold, nor blown off because I would ask, what some would think, to
be a stupid question.
Cassandra was very patient and understanding with me. Like I said...beginner at this. I'm the kind of guy who hates to ask a stupid question, but I felt like she really wanted to help me out and to make sure I had the correct items that my company demands. She even went as-far-as to reserve the last musket in stock for me!
I realize it takes far less time to call. But I felt like this company deserved the time it takes to sit and write a few praises. I know in this "microwave" world, there's not enough hours in the day. But I felt like it had to be said. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to placing my first order!
Dwight "Doc" Fregia
Company E
3rd Confederate Engineer Regiment
"Hart's Engineers"

Theresa - I did call and placed the order - the hat and buttons arrived on
Friday just before I had to leave and I was able to provide our "Chaplain"
with the proper hat. Many, MANY thanks to FCS for your great service. You
will hear from me again. I was singing your praises to everyone who would
listen last evening!
Peg Smith

I wanted to offer a sincere 'thank you'
for sending a Springfield 1861 ramrod
so quickly! I really needed it for an event
this weekend and it got here this past Wed.,
well in time for me to use it.
I appreciate your accuracy and efficiency.
Eric Marshall
26 NCT

Thank you for the prompt service !
I received my order today and was surprised because I did not think I would have it for Christmas.
My wife will not let me open the box until Christmas, she told me her money, her rules.
Thanks Again
Michael J Munley

To everyone at Fall Creek,
Thank you so much for your dedication to serving your customers. It has been my experience that Fall Creek is the most helpful, efficient, and simply a joy to do business with. You all have earned my business for future inquiries and purchases! Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!
David George
Cpl. 140th NYV co. B

2004 & Forward

I just wanted to let you know that I received the remainder of my order this afternoon. The boots look fantastic and fit great. We have a parade Monday in Arlington, VA for Washington’s Birthday. If we get some good pictures, I’ll try to send you a copy.
Thanks for all your efforts! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and plan to do more in the future. Please send me a list of locations where you may be making trips to VA, WV, MD, or PA. I would like to be able to thank you in person.
Thanks again!
Tim McLeod

I just wanted to say that I am VERY pleased with the A tent I purchased from you. I have owned it for over two seasons now and it has seen some tough times. We were doing a living history event last summer and had a torrential rainstorm with high winds and even though the tent was untreated, it did not leak and survived the storm without any problems. No pulled seams, no holes, nothing. It withstood the test where others failed. My unit is considering purchasing a wall tent from you now!
Thanks again,
Dennis R. Heisey
3rd U.S. Artillery
Battery A

Thanks for your follow up on my order. I received it on Saturday, Feb. 14th and am well satisfied with it. Thanks for your prompt attention and quick delivery. I'll be sure to put in some good words for you among my pards.
Fred Franze
Dover De.

Dear sir:
As you can see I made 2 orders from you today. I will explain why, After thinking about it I decided to order from you and not another sutler as you came highly recommended from so many. Others were cheaper but then I thought that the quality was cheap too. So I have committed to you and you only thank you for everything
Glenn Venner

Dear FCS,
I will keep it simple. I have no reason to shop anywhere else for my reenactment needs.
Give Theresa a raise!
Theresa: You are number 2 on my speed dial.
Tom Horuzy
5th NJ Volunteer
Andy, again all orders received. The quality of the items purchased and the service rendered makes you our no.1 sutler. John and Kris Clark Battery d 1st Michigan Light Artillery

Hello. I finally got that drop-in conversion to work. This is the first black powder handgun I've ever shot and so far I'm really impressed with it. I didn't expect this thing to be very accurate but I was wrong about that. In fact I think it's a bit more accurate with the cartridges than the balls. I'd definitely buy another one. This thing is a blast to shoot. Thanks again.
Aaron S. Conner
I received the cap today, and wanted to extend to you my thanks.
The craftsmanship provided rendered all expectation and satisfaction.
Your Customer,
Joseph Martin

Dear Andy,
I recently bought a small wall tent from you, I took it to an event this past weekend, (which of course it rained the entire time) the tent was water tight and better than any tent I already own. I am very satisfied with the quality and will request that my unit use you for purchasing tents and other equipment.
1st Lt. Andre Wagner
147th PVI Company G

I received my order from you last Thursday. I am very happy with the quality of the products I received. I have done quite a lot of business with other sutler sites on the web, and yours is the best. All of the other sites either had lousy customer service, late deliveries or poor quality products. I look forward doing business with Fall Creek in the future. Happy Reenacting!

Dear Sir,
I have ordered two CDs from you a week ago. They arrived yesterday 2nd April.
This is to let you know that they arrived safe and sound, from across the pond to the UK.
I am very pleased with the purchase and this is to let you know what a fantastic service you offer. I will be going to Cedar creek in October this year and hope that you will be there. Kind regards
Bob Guildford

Hello FC Sutlery,
Just a note to say "Thank You" for the very professional service when I purchased my Two Band Enfield Rifle. The rifle is a dam good shooter. The stamped London Armory markings have caused a lot of second looks. The sword bayonet fit without any special work. I have recommended you to every one who will listen and will continue to do so. Thank you. Bob Johnson
7th. Wisconsin

Hello folks,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new brogans I purchased
at the Spotsylvania Event in Virginia. My old ones got soaked in the storm
on Friday night and I wore my new ones all weekend. I must have marched
over 5 miles and my feet are happy, not a blister on them. If anybody has
any doubt where to buy your brogans let me put that to rest. Fall Creek
Sutlery has the best American Made brogans for the money.
Pvt. Dan Landers
40th PA, 11th Reserves


I'm Not sure who to thank but, A few weeks ago I placed an order For a pair
of Brogans to be made. The request was for a turn around in 3 or 4 days.
The staff came through with blazing colors and I had my shoes for the
My thanks to all involved for the speed of placing the order.
M Shortall

Dear Fall Creek Folks:
Enclosed are a couple of pictures from the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Seahorse Key Light Station, this past July in Cedar Keys, Florida. This light station was designed and built by Lt. George Meade in 1854: the man who was Gen. George Meade in command of the Union Armies at Gettysburg in 1863. The headstone is for Seaman John Bishop, a Union Navy Sailor killed during the War Between the States in a shore party raid, during the Union Blockade of the confederate Gulf Coast, in 1863. He, along with two other sailors killed in that raid, is buried in a small cemetery on the island. The other two have headstones, but he did not until now.
I portrayed a Union Navy Lieutenant, circa late 1864-1865 (the Sack Coat was not authorized as naval uniform until 1865) to honor him at a brief memorial service on July 31st at the Anniversary Celebration. The island, its cemetery, and light station are now preserved forever as part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge.
The BEAUTIFUL Navy officer's coat, sword belt, hat, shirt and cravat are all from Fall Creek Suttlery Theresa was great, and a joy to talk to and work with. Thanks very much for your help in making this celebration a great event by helping me put together my impression.
This email authorizes you to use these pictures to advertise your products as you see fit.
Lt. Robert A. Mattson, Exec. Officer
U.S. Schooner Fox
Eastern Gulf Blockading Squadron, U.S. Navy (1865)

Hello !
Just a note to let you know the replacement stripes just arrived. This, Lady's & Gentlemen of Fall Creek, is the reason I have done MOST of my business you since entering the Civil War Period of Reenacting. Many Thanks, and Well Done !
Kacy Craver
1SG 10th Ark Vol Inf

I just wanted to let you know that the service you guys had when I bought my Enfield sling at the Wade House event was excellent. I am planning to buy the rest of my gear from you. Keep up the good work!
Justin Gower

I recently received my order (12eee Brogans) and am very pleased. They fit great and were delivered quickly. You advertised 12ee and delivered 12eee, well done. Thank you so much for great service and a great product.
Tom Crone

Hi Theresa;
Dan's birthday (Dec20th) and Christmas was a smashing success. I just
wanted to say thank you so very much for everything.
I love to see a full grown young man get the sparkle of a two year old when
he opens his Christmas presents. Because none of this could have happened
without your help, I just wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank you
one more time.
The hat, the pants, are fine. He absolutely LOVED the rifle. (I explained
to Dan that the Bayonet is still on back order.)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there.
I hope you have a peaceful and safe new year.

My wife purchased me a 1861 Springfield Rifle for Christmas. Please let me
say that I couldn't be happier with the beauty and quality of the product.
You sell a 1st class reproduction all the way.

Again, thanks for your help and for the great product.

Joe Hugill
Victorville, Ca

Just wanted to say that I bought a wall tent and a fly with sides over the winter and had a chance to try it out this past week at Ft. Loudun, PA. and we had wind , sun, rain,cold,snow, and hail to test the tent out and it performed great.
Good job, love the tent.
Lee Duttenhaver

Good Morning,
My new brogans arrived yesterday. They are perfect! Thanks! ~Jason

Dear Fall Creek Suttlery,
Recently you made for me an artillery enlisted man's frock coat. I am just sending this e-mail to thank you for it .It came out perfectly and it fits better than the last one. I am very happy to know that When I go to an event I can have a 100% American made top of the line frock.
Jay Benton

Thanks for the quick processing and delivery Andy!!
Jon Birket
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to express my thankfulness for your extremely quick shipping of my daughter's hoop skirt. I had sent a message on the order form that she was needing it for her first ball, and she received it within a week. You should have seen the smile on her face when she tried it on! :0
Again, thank you for your kind consideration. She has already told several friends where she got it at, so hopefully you will be receive more orders. Everyone was very impressed with the quality.
Michele Magar

Dear Fall Creek, Andy, Theresa, April, or whoever,
Will you be at the Jackson, Michigan Muster next week, (August 26th and
27th) and will you have your 2" web suspenders with friction clasps
available for sale in your tent then?
Just curious. I cannot ever leave Jackson without a stop at your tent. Your
inventory is absolutely awesome, not to mention your great service and
friendly staff.
Over the years, I've ordered several products from you and have NEVER, EVER,
had a problem with service. You folks are great!
Hope to see you Saturday!
I remain,
Bob Thompson

I ordered a hoopskirt from you just two weeks ago. It arrived yesterday, in perfect condition. I just wanted to thank you for providing such good quality goods at a great price! The 4 bone 135" hoopskirt I ordered is exactly right for my home costume department. I was on vacation, and looking forward to receiving a package from you. On returning, I was not disappointed. Thank you! In the future I look forward ordering more of my costume pieces from your suttlery.

Dear Fall Creek,
I wanted to personally write and thank you (and your staff) for your assistance with my order of the R & D cylinder conversion and spare cylinder.
Not only did it work as you said, but this is by far a more superior product than the (Other Brand) units. I knew immediately after unpacking and looking at the tooling on the back of the cylinder cap that I was going to have a working unit. Unlike the (Other Brand), the tooling to engage and rotate the cylinder on the R & D Conversion cylinder is identical to the tooling found on the original black powder cylinder that came with the 1858 Uberti pistol.
So the real test is on the firing range.
I had just purchased a new Uberti 1873 Cattleman with a 7 1/2 " barrel and also had the Uberti 1858 Remington Army with the conversion in a side by side test at the range. I was able to hold a tighter pattern on the 1858 with the R & D conversion. Go figure.
So needless to say I am now very happy with the purchase !!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. Your product solution, verses that of the (Other Brand), took this conversion issue I had with the (Other Brand) from a disaster to a working unit with the R & D.
I see other pistols on your web site I would like to purchase, so you will be receiving more orders from me in the near future. I will make recommendations to my friends out at the ranch I will be at in Colorado next week about your business too. I am sure once they see how cool this set up is and they get a chance to fire the pistol themselves they will want one of their own too.
At the range, I had several individuals asking to see this pistol configuration. They were duly impressed !!!
The one thing that should be pointed out is that the R & D Conversion Cylinder is truly a drop in unit, no modifications required. The R & D product worked out of the box just as you said and that is what won me over as an appreciating customer.
Thanks again,
M Roth

Sorry, Andy, that you're having such trouble with PayPal.
Let them know this lifetime member of the NRA has been buying from you since 1998 and I am very happy with your shop's customer service ethic. I will enjoy continuing to choose your shop even more now that PayPal is giving you such trouble. Let'em know that!
Bought from you out West and now your customer from NC.
Chris Kelley

Hello Andy,
We just received our economy cavalry blanket. I am very happy with the size, quality and colors. My wife likes the size and warmth. I am a cowboy action shooter and I am depicting the 1870s to 1880s. Therefore, a lot of your equipment is on my list of things to get. I do however have one question about the blanket. Is it possible to machine wash it? (Our puppy seems to like the blanket as well). Or should we dry clean it?
Thank You,

I just received my saber and cannot express how thrilled I am with it. It's workmanship and quality far exceeds anything I have seen offered by your competition.
I have ordered items from you in the past and now will order the balance of my uniform from Fall Creek.
The lightweight wool is a boon to re-enactors located here in the southwest.
Bob Tedesco
7th Cavalry, G Company

I can't thank you enough for sending me the replacement soldiers. I honestly thought I would not hear from you and would have to chalk up the loss.
I am delighted to have found such a terrific, honorable company and will gladly tell my friends about you.
Kathleen Byrne

Just wanted to let you know the Brass NCO Shoulder Scales and 2 sets of Attachments arrived safely. I am totally in awe... they are absolutely stunning.
Thanks again,
Bruce E. Bloomster

Thank you so very much. Package arrived Saturday at approximately 1:45. Again thank you. Helen Chalk

Dear Andy,
I recently received my order. The only thing wrong was that I
received the wrong insignia. That's not a problem. I filled out the
return slip and anticipate no trouble. I am not a reenactor, just a
buff. I have always worn kepis, blue or grey , as my everyday headgear.
I live in a small town and am a professional harpist. Around town I am
known as the harpman or ' that civil war guy'! I purchased the
Confederate artillery branch kepi. This is by far the finest kepi I have
ever owned ( in a long line of them)! I can't tell you how many
compliments I have received on it in less than a week. Of course I use
every compliment as an opportunity to brag up your company. Your
workmanship is phenomenal. I could not be more pleased. I am saving
money to buy the Union kepi.
I also want to add that I found your website very entertaining and
educational. Example: I did not know that shelter tents were issued in
halves and had to be buttoned together.
You do wonderful work and have a wonderful site. I thank you very much.
Joel M. Taylor
PS. Give the hat maker raise. He/she definitely deserves one!

I am very happy with the way this turned out. I get lots of great compliments on the outfit at the SASS shoots I've been to so far this spring. It's beautiful stuff.
Jim Olson
Waukesha, WI

I placed an urgent order with you last week for delivery to England.
It arrived within 5 days! Thanks for the amazing service.
Paul Wisken

PS please feel free to use this on your testimonials page :-)

I received my order and I must compliment you on the speed in which the order was handled and the quality of your items. I have made purchases from your competition but from now on you have my business.
Thank You
Greg Rottmann

Dear folks,
After 12 weeks or so of waiting, I finally received my cavalry boots.
They were worth the wait!!!!!
My boots fit like a glove, they have that “broken in” feel to them from the first time I put them on
I must admit I cheated and placed a pair of gel inserts in them, (that’ll be our little secret)
Thank you for such a great pair of boots.
Wendell Brown

This is a follow-up e-mail to our conversation last weekend at the 1st Manassas event. I dropped in to say how much I appreciated the repair and quick turn-around on my brogans. The work was great and I had placed a note when I shipped them (a Monday morning) asking for speedy service. Imagine my surprise when I received the brogans on Friday, four days!
Thanks. John McClellan.

Hi Theresa & Folks at Fall Creek,
Received the Armi Sport 1853 Enfield Musket from
you today. The Enfield & sling arrived in perfect
condition. Thank you for selling me this fine quality
replica. I appreciate the fine customer service that
you have. Thank you again, Regards, Jim Volga

Thank you so much for your courtesy, helpful guidance and speedy
shipping. Everything was above expectations and greatly appreciated! The
husband who is convinced I'm nuts actually smiled when he tried things
on. Everything fits and the wool and construction are beautiful.
Happy ending, happy customer,
Susan Wilson

Thank you for your prompt service, actually faster than prompt. I
ordered the fly on Monday and received it Wednesday. WOW!
Bill Engle, 1st Sgt.
16th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, Co. D

Good morning folks!
Received my Sharps bayonet yesterday, PERFECT! Nice tight fit, very well made if you ask me. Was worth the wait! Thank you!!

Y'all have the best of the best!!!!! Thank you for what you do.

I received my Frock Coat today 12-19-06 and it is exactly as I ordered. As
always I can depend on Fall Creek to supply me with great quality items.
Thanks so much for being there for all of us in the hobby.
Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year.
Best Regards,
Jason Lawson

I called Tuesday at 4pm Eastern time with a list of questions. Ashley was very nice! She spent a long time helping me order an 1860 Colt Army Revolver and everything I would need to fire and take care of it. I needed this order to get to California at the latest on Friday. She was able to get it shipped that night, and I received the package in CA Wednesday morning at 9:30 am.
I was thrilled.
I can't thank Ashley and Fall Creek enough for helping me out.
You have made a customer for life.
Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
Elizabeth Willaman

Dear Fall Creek Sutlers,
When I received the speedy delivery of the two frock coats I had ordered from yall, I was surprised at the quick arrival as I had not expected them until much later. When I opened the box, my jaw dropped to the floor at the sight of the detailed workmanship that made up each coat. When I tried them on, the fit was perfect. The styling on the back of the both coats is most exquisite. I will recommend you to all of my friends.
Yours truly,
Bob Wolf, Major, Palmetto Battalion Artillery

I just wanted to thank you very much for the professional handling of my order. It was received yesterday. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to fellow reenactors.


I got my muskets. I just wanted to say Thank You for your service. All three muskets are in great shape. Thanks again………JEB

The infantry frock coat I purchased on Saturday is great, I have finish sewing on the infantry service stripes as you advised; the scales have buffed up nicely; and I was notified by email of the shipment of the mounts and brass numbers before I even returned home from Boscobel.
Thank you for your excellent sutlery service.
Eric J. Sprengle

We spent a very damp Pennsic in a very dry tent this past year. I would and do recommend your tents to everyone who will listen to me. It rained so hard the water was pouring off of the tent as if it were coming from a very large tap. Thank you for providing a dry place for my family to place their head.
From your Friend in Canada.
Dear Andy:
Just to let you know my wonderful tent arrived today safe and sound. I was
pleasantly surprise at the color. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! This is the
color the WW1 and WW2 gang is going to want. It is the color used in the
Punitive Expedition of 1916 and WW1. Plus it is the color US Marines used
for tentage and their canvas equipment from 1912 onward through WW2. This
color is called "Baby $hit yellow/mustard color. I am so pleased with this
tent and the color that words escape me.
Looks like you have a new "Cheerleader" for your tentage wares. If anyone
inquires of the khaki color you are using tell them to contact me or
describe as I have above.
Can't wait to get poles made up and set it up. I will send photos when this
is done.
Take care and thanks again for undertaking this project.
Chuck Casada

Thank you for all the fine goods, I received your package on Friday. The gum blanket is FIRST CLASS and is very close to originals I have seen, the best I have ever owned in a lot of years of reenacting. I will tell my pards to go to you for alot of stuff in the future, take care John Stuart!!

Thursday I received the sibley tent, it was held at the Belgian customs for almost 3 weeks!!! It took me a lot of paperwork and telephones before they released it.
This weekend I've put it up for the first time. The tent is wonderful.
Thanks again for your good work, like my boots, my A-frame and lots of other thing I already bought at Fall Creek, I am a very satisfied customer.
Greetz Nico Storms.

Howdy Folks!
I liked your tents so much........ I had to buy two more of them.
Please get these out to me as soon as Y'all can.
Thanks! Jonathan Barnes

I am very happy with my purchase and the high level of communication and support regarding my order. I will definitely be purchasing more from you folks.
My Best Wishes to you all,
Bob Bayne

Dear Fall Creek,
I just wanted you to know that my order came in today. Everything is of excellent quality. I will be sure to do business with you again. Thanks for such great service.
Thanks Again,
Becky Wood

Interested newcomer here. Seems you have it all and I just might be ordering some boots from you this summer. As for now, let me just say that I find your list of movie credits very, very impressive!!.....Rick

Hi folks. I ordered one of the Dirty Billy slouch hats in camel last week. It was shipped quickly and it is very nice. I gave it a good coating of hat stiffener, then did a little shaping with steam. I also have the chocolate brown version of this hat. I got it from you 4-5 years ago.
Thanks for the quick service and a quality product.
Bob Welch
Dear Andy,
I want to thank you for your prompt service with my problem.
You are a true Gentleman
Thank you and best wishes

Just a added word of thanks for your help and professional level of assistance on my recent order. I believe the lady that helped me was "Denise"....I got my $125.00 1860 Light Cavalry saber (best quality) last Friday and it is all that I expected. It is very nice quality work and finished nicely. It has all the bells and whistles I hoped it would have. The finish is excellent and the blade markings are as promised. I read quite a lot about these swords, in general, and decided that I should protect the scabbard as well. I ended up putting a coat of fine furniture wax on it and then oiling it very lightly on top of the wax. I tried spraying lacquer on the degreased blade first but the blade didn't seem to like the lacquer and it was drying with tiny, tiny pricks/bumps..so off it came and the wax went on. It looks great on the wall next to my great grandfathers commission paper. Oh yah, thank you for your fast shipping...I was impressed there also..
Further, I have had two other swords or sabers and this one is by far a better quality than either of them...of course, they were cheaper, but cheaper was absolutely not equal or better in this case..no where near.
I just wish I could have been able to talk myself into buying the officers saber, but.....
Thanks again..
Roger R Bradshaw

I have been a living historian for about a year and half now and I love it. During the winter months I ordered some stuff from your company and I loved everything I go. So about 2 weeks ago I decided to order a knapsack, so I compared prices between Fall Creek and another sutler who name I will not say. SO after I compared prices and looked at different things I decided to go with the other company. What sold me was that they gave firefighters a discount and I was told that the leather straps for the roll on top and the brass hooks came with the knapsack. Well just a few short days later I received the knapsack and I was very displeased with it. The roll straps did not come with it and it was very poorly made, shortly thereafter I emailed this company and told them about the problem and they told me to return and they would take care of it with a refund return to my card. SO after a another day I worked out a deal with them to keep the pack and they give me what I needed. In the long run I decided that I should have ordered from Fall Creek in the first place and I would not have gone though that whole drama. I want to say thank you for your great stuff and fast delivery. I will be ordering some stuff real soon, as soon as I get my catalog from Fall Creek.
Thanks so much
Chad Woford
I really like my pair of brogans and my dog tent I got from yah. I hope to do business with you again in the Future.
Scott Parker 46th Tenn. Co
Thanks for the great hat. Thanks for the great fast service. Perfect color, perfect fit. Ben Hoden

Greetings Andy,
My Musketoon arrived this afternoon 1/23/09 safely and in good order. Very nice!! Can't wait to use it this spring. Thanks again for your help, etc.
Steve Aarli

Hello there, We purchased a wall tent from you in 2006. I love it and plan on purchasing another wall tent to house the kids when we are on our trips. Our tent has been a wonderful addition to our camping gear and it has also gotten a lot of comments and believe me when I say, I let everyone know where I got it. That is how I got 2 family members to purchase their own tents, they liked ours and we have even had people want to buy the tent from us - NO SALE, it's a keeper. Thanks again, Kena

Received my stovepipe boots. They are really nice; I'm surprised you call them "economy" boots, as they are well made.
You were correct about the size. One size smaller than my regular shoe size and they fit perfectly. I'm sure when some others in our group see them, that they will want a pair.
You have one of the best illustrated catalogs I have seen.
William Arinder
Dear Fall Creek Suttlery employers/Dear Mrs. Fulks,
I vent to inform you that my BEAUTIFUL CW coat has arrived to me yesterday. Everything is great it is a real example of master workmanship! My parents are also very satisfied with the quality of my coat and say that I look great with it.
I send to you two picture so you can see me in your beautiful coat and you can see flags that I have ;-)
When I collect $ for pants, Staff belt, sword, and other stuff which I need to complete my CW collection, I will contact you and we have business again.
Until next time I GIVE YOU BIG FAREWELL!
Vedran Grozdanic your friend from Croatia

Andy, I got a uniform from you 12yrs ago, everything but a gun and I still have it and use it every year and never had to replace anything that I have gotten from you. I would like you to keep up the top noch goods you carry .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott Clements

I am mighty impressed! In just five days, our order has been received and it's exactly as described and expected. This order was a gift and both the recipient and I were extremely pleased with the quality of the items and the speed of your service. We'll be back!

Thank you for working with my son to enable his delivery of my order today.
My family enjoyed his going over the items with me and learning more about
them. Wearing his purchased items, my grandson is also eager to join my son
and me for training with the Army of the Ohio in a few weekends. I look
forward to the experience as well. Your fixing my son's rifle also enhances
our re-enactment. Have a blessed Easter.
I just recieved my order, and just wanted to thank you for quick responce to my order. I wish every company I have dealings with responded so fast. Thanks again and good job.
Richard Lemieux

You folks are great. There are many places for us to get our gear, but as far as I am concerned you will be the place that gets my orders. You are by far the fastest and most effecient service provider I have used. Also, do you list what events you will be at during the season? This might be something you would want to put on your web site.
Tom Fillgrove
We used our new tent last weekend and it is awesome! Thank you so much for your help with he little extras and open communications. The tent was envied by many and I know one for sure who will be ordering one as well. Again Thanks, David

Dear Andy and Denise,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my conversion cylinder
yesterday and I'm very happy with it. It fits in my gun perfectly, but I
haven't had a chance to load or fire it yet. Thanks for all your efforts
in getting the cylinder to me, and putting up with my multiple emails
regarding my order. Thanks again, Steve Whitmire

Hi Folks!
I am in receipt of the R&D Cylinder and after about 30 minutes of dry
fitting with some minor de-burring of my frame, I am happy to say that the
cylinder works as advertised!! ....
Thanks so much for your excellent customer service and a having such a great
source of products.
Take Care,

Greetings From The Ranch,
Thank you for the info in regard to PayPal and their policies. As a business person, patriot, and 2nd amendment supporter, I like so may others am outraged at the way our country is going and so swiftly and if I may add under a "usurper or posser",towards socialism or outright fascism.
We all must remember or relearn the purpose of the 2nd amendment and it wasn't just to"keep or bear arms". Please forgive my forthrightness as these grave concerns are very passionette to me.
I write mainly to ask what shipping would be for your catalog and the "ostrich plum". Thank you for your stand and continue in doing good as the "days are evil". God Bless....
Kind Regards,

The Mississippi arrived today. It is a nice gun and just what I ordered.
Thanks, Larry

This is all new to me and I am so impressed with the uniform. I got
all dressed up when I got it to show it to my wife who thought it was great.
I'm a book reader and have read a lot on the civil war etc. over the years
but only this year did I have the yearning to go the next step, some
reenactment, and the attire opens up a new horizon for me. It really
connects me with those boys who sacrificed so much. I'll probably be making
purchases in the future since I"m now hooked. Kevin Connelly

I received my uniform (my second) and am as pleased with it as I was with my first. I think at least three more men in our Camp will be ordering their uniforms within the next month with more to follow. Thanks to all concerned for the quality products you put out.
Charles S
Sons of Confederate Veterans

I read your Paypal policy and wanted to say thanks for taking a stand! I've ordered from you many years ago when I was doing Civil War and when the Span Am bug bit, I considered buying some of my rig from you, but the Paypal thing sinched it for me. I will be submitting my order in minutes and thanks again.
R/ George Morris

Please thank the seamtresses for finshing my grandson's great coat before Christmas - it is GREATLY appreciated - now no IOU under the tree - I really enjoy doing business with you - Judith and Jurt Maly

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your tent at the Rendezvous. Everyone was impressed by the setup and especially your prices, the brochures are all gone and lots of people toured the tent.
The large Wall Tent is the one I got and it is incredibly roomy, at one point we had three of us in there with lots of room to spare so it's quite utilitarian in nature.
Am attaching some pictures for your collection, please use them if you wish.
Bill Case

I hope the winter finds you well… Just to let you know; a couple of friends and I have been showing off our tents to guys in our respective Medievalist groups…
The site is here:
Your customer service and quality sells your tents!
Take care….and keep up the good work!

Dennis R. Heisey
3rd US Artillery N-SSA|
Federal Volunteer Brigade Topographic Engineers

My Euro Arms 1861 Springfield arrived today and it has far exceeded my expectations. If it shoots half as good as it looks I will be very pleased.
I teach military history at the university and was hoping to get something to use in the Civil War classes. This is far better than the Brown Bess that I have for the Revolutionary War demo. Wood stock is beautiful and the markings add a touch of realism. Free sling was a great added bouns too.
I might also add that you customer service person was great too.
John Strandberg

Just got my brogans this last weekend and they are of the finest quality. I would expect nothing less from Fall Creek! Thanks for the great work! Anyone coming to Roaring Camp in Felton, Ca.? Need another pair for my son! Cpl. Kent M. Walls

Dear Fall Creek Sutler,
Thank YOU SOOO MUCH - you made the cake cutting ceremony for the 150th Signal Corps birthday even better by getting those 4 hat badges to me overnight. The 4 much anticipated hats got mailed to Fort Gordon in time for the Monday ceremony, so thank you, a million. Have a great weekend,
Bob Gilbert
Satisfied Customer

Stopped by this morning & got caps & supplies. You have a wonderful business & the staff
is terrific. Thank you!!!

I joked with them as I was in my airport uniform I said “all laptops come out of your haversacks &
all brogans come off & put em on the belt” ha ha!
See you at our next event!

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