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US Army Generals
Frock Coats and Shell Jackets

We sell uniforms tailored primarily by the Quartermaster Shop from Port Huron, Mi. The Garments we sell are the highest quality available today. Careful attention is paid to every detail to ensure museum quality and authenticity as well as wearability. Please adhere to our ordering instructions so that we may deliver proper fitting garments the first time.
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Don't guess. Give modern clothing sizes in the space provided. Usual shipping time on custom orders is 8 - 12 weeks. Common sizes and items off the rack can be shipped immediately. Please also note that larger or odd sizes could cost extra.

Buttons are included in the price of each garment.

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US ARMY 1858-1865

US General Frock Coat

US Major General Frock Coat IconUS Brigadier General Frock Coat Icon
Double breasted and made using 21 ounce field service wool. A deluxe grade of wool is available at extra cost. The coat comes standard with the black velvet collar and cuffs per US Army Regulations. Full body lining of Black cotton, sleeve linings are natural. Each rank of General has a specific number and placement of the General Service Button. Brigadier General has 26 total buttons (front buttons in 4 sets of 2),
Major General has 28 total buttons (front buttons in 3 sets of 3),
Cuffs are functional with 3 buttons. Priced without officer shoulder boards. Our frockcoats have raw bottom edges, as per most originals................$399.00

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US General Shell Jacket Icon

For Brigadier and Major Generals. Is double breasted and identical to the General Officer's Frockcoat except the jacket has no skirt. Standard is 21 ounce field service wool with black cotton lining. A deluxe grade of officer's cloth is available at extra cost. Priced without officer shoulder boards. US General Service Eagle buttons are supplied. Button total is 22 for Brigadier Generals and 24 for Major Generals. US General Staff buttons available at extra cost....................$329.00

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Deluxe Grade Wool:
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Button note: All of our coats and trousers come with buttons included. US - Eagle buttons, CS your choice of buttons specified. See our big catalog for more details. For shirts and accessories, please refer to our SHIRTS and ACCESSORIES page.

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Button Note-
All of our coats come complete with buttons. US coats come with appropriate eagle buttons. CS Coats come with your choice of the following - CSA or Block "I" "A" or "C"

All Oversize, Custom, and Special Orders MUST be paid in advance. No refund is allowed after the material is cut, Please refer to our ordering instructions for details, or give us a call.

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