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US Military Vests

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PLEASE NOTE - Made to order uniforms can take 6 - 12 weeks for delivery. If you are new to reenacting, or not a reenactor, this may be difficult to understand. All of our uniforms are hand made in the US. The Uniforms are made in a production environment by experienced tailors. As each order is received, it is put onto a schedule for production on a first come first served basis. The item is shipped as soon as it is completed. I am sorry to have to be so explicit, however once in a while we encounter a frustrated customer that believes that "made to order" items should ship within a day or so.

Buttons are included in the price of each garment.

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US ARMY 1858-1865

Dark Blue US Vest Icon Light Blue US Vest IconUS Military Vest
Our US Army Military Vest uses our 21 ounce field service wool on the front. The back and belts are black cotton, and the lining is natural muslin. The vest has a small standing collar with three exterior pockets. Nine small brass General Service buttons are supplied but not sewn on. The back is adjustable by means of a belt with buckle. Our vests come in two colors; dark blue or sky blue. Please indicate your color choice when ordering.....................$125.00

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Our vests come in two colors; dark blue or sky blue. Please indicate your color choice when ordering
US Officer Letter buttons are available, specify letter desired (A, C, or I), add $13.50. US Staff Officer buttons are available, please add $17.55.
In both the Sky Blue Wool and Dark Blue Wool we have available a deluxe grade of wool - for officers, additional cost.. ( A little lighter weight and finer finish).

Button note: All of our coats and trousers come with buttons included. US - Eagle buttons, CS your choice of buttons specified. See our big catalog for more details. For shirts and accessories, please refer to our SHIRTS and ACCESSORIES page.

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Button Note-
All of our coats come complete with buttons. US coats come with appropriate eagle buttons. CS Coats come with your choice of the following - CSA or Block "I" "A" or "C"

All Oversize, Custom, and Special Orders MUST be paid in advance. No refund is allowed after the material is cut, Please refer to our ordering instructions for details, or give us a call.

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