Fall Creek Suttlery

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We strive to provide good products and good service at a good price. We do not try to push "Cheap" or foreign made goods off at low prices.
We also guarantee what we sell. A reasonable amount of time for defects and workmanship is subject to the item.
For those items that we ourselves manufacture- Tents, Shoes, etc. we offer a one year warranty. If any item has been altered, mis used, or otherwise abused by the customer, this will void any warranty that we have. We may be able to repair issues of this type.
(Burnt Shoe Leather, Etc)

Any of our tent products that have been treated with any substance is NOT GUARANTEED By US!
(This includes spraying your tent with waterproofing liquid or goo- This can actually cause the canvas to leak)
All warrantees are null and void if you spray something on your tent!

On the other items that we sell, we offer a 10 day return privilege if returned in "as shipped" condition.
(With Cetain Exceptions- See Below)
Any damage occurring after the item leaves our hands is "out of" our hands. We can refer to the shipping carrier, or ?

Uniforms are subject to the condition of the garment, etc.
Material and workmanship issues are returnable within the 10 day period.
Sizing issues will be dealt with per the measurement chart provided before the garment was made.

There can be no returns on any custom made items- coat, trousers, vest, tents, etc.
This includes Custom work on -
Belts (Sewing on buckles, etc) ...............Shoes- (Custom Sizes, Hob Nails, etc)
Hats- Custom Made Kepis or Hardee Hats- (labor to affix insignia or details)
Custom made or made to order tentage or canvas goods.
Once the material is cut- it belongs to the customer.
Please be sure to fill out the measurement chart accurately.

Due to the nature of custom made items as detailed above, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.
Any delivery will be an estimate.
We always strive to meet your deadline however
(Ask the movie companies. they always need everything "yesterday")

Requests for refund cannot be honored if after a reasonable amount of time.
Likewise, if there is a problem, we can try to help repair or otherwise solve the problem.
( Six months after the product is received is not a reasonable amount of time )

Any Firearm, Musket, Revolver, R & D Cylinder that has been fired is NOT Refundable.
Muskets sometimes develop situations that can be fixed easily- Sear Springs, etc.
All Cartridge Weapons, Carbines, R & D Cylinders, etc. will be handled by the Distributor, Not Fall Creek Corporation

Please see the warranty instructions on the associated web pages.

All items deemed defective after the ten day return time will either be repaired or replaced At our discretion.


Out of our thousands of satisfied customers, these policies needed to be set forth and published because of a very few individuals that felt they could push an issue rather than assume responsibility for their own situations.


We Appreciate Your Business!!
Any questions, please call us.

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